Zoya Fei Fei Comparisons

Hello! I have not been blogging nearly enough this week for a couple of reasons. The big reason is that it was literally cloudy and raining for nearly seven days straight. We had one day of sunshine! I usually take my photos in natural light, so that was a big issue. Also, my nails are utterly pathetic right now. I broke many of them and had to file them down very short!

Anyway, I decided to show a couple comparisons to a highly anticipated Zoya polish this fall: FeiFei. I was so excited about this color, and ended up being a little disappointed by it when I got it. The impact just wasn’t what I expected, BUT I also think this is because my nails have been pretty short lately. This likely looks a lot better on longer nails.

I compared FeiFei to two other shades: Zoya Crystal, and Sinful Colors Winter Wonder. Crystal is not as similar as I thought it would be. It’s much lighter and only has two shades in it: blue with gold flecks. This is a great color and I do love it. I like wearing this when my hubby’s soccer team plays!

Winter Wonder is definitely more similar to FeiFei. I would not get FeiFei and Winter Wonder (grr…I hate when that happens). The formula of Winter Wonder is just as good as Zoya’s polish. The biggest different between FeiFei and Winter Wonder seems to be the lightness- FeiFei is a little lighter than Winter Wonder, and also leans more pink.

Crystal, Winter Wonder, FeiFei

FeiFei is a unique color. It’s blue, gold, and pink. Personally, I wish the pink had been more intense here. Maybe I just need to give my bottle a good shake? Who knows. I’m definitely not done playing with it and will see what happens when my dear nails grow back. 🙂


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