Kiss Everlasting French Petites Nails

Since my nails are so short right now, I decided to give some falsies a whirl! My sister wore fake nails for her wedding, and they looked really nice. I have to say these things have really come a long way since I was younger! I tried fake nails in high school and they were awful. My biggest problem was always that they were way too big for my petite nail beds. Now, fake nails come in all kinds of different sizes, including petite!

Kiss Everlasting French Petite Nails are glue-on fake nails that come with a cuticle stick, nail file, nail glue, and 28 different nails in 14 sizes. The nails are numbered with little tabs that twist off after application, making nail application easier than ever!

The box claims that these will wear up to seven days without chipping or wearing away. So far, I am impressed with the wear time. I’ve had them on for two days, and only one of them completely fell off, which was likely my own doing! I do wish they were shorter, so next time I’m going to get the “real short” box. They do not feel uncomfortable, and the nail glue is not irritating my skin or nail beds. To remove, the box states to soak them in acetone based remover.

As far as how they look, I really like them. When my sister had them on, I totally thought she had her nails done and that they were her real ones. The only bad thing about them is that when I take them off, I’ll be sooo disappointed in my stubs. 😀 I guess it is going to take more than ten months to strengthen over twenty years of nail biting, huh? 😉


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