China Glaze I’m Not Lion

Good afternoon! I am so glad it’s Wednesday. This is the best day for me to take off from my job due to the way it is structured, so I have a bit of breathing room today. I painted my falsies a couple days ago and went with China Glaze I’m Not Lion from the On Safari collection. This is an amazing glitter; cool toned with holographic particles throughout. It’s hard to see the holo effect in the above shot, since that was outside with no sun (grrr to  these clouds…going on a week and a half now).

You can really see the holo effect here; it is even more prominent in person when the light hits. This glitter is opaque in just two coats! Also, it looks AMAZING layered with other glitters, but more on that in another post. 😉

Another shot of the holo, with flash. This polish is WAY prettier in person, trust me on that! The finish is very gritty, even after two thin coats of top coat. This doesn’t bother me, but if you want a perfectly smooth finish, you may have to work with it.


2 thoughts on “China Glaze I’m Not Lion

  1. that looks so pretty!!! and i never would have known those are fake nails if you didn’t point it out. i really wanted this polish but it was always sold out. this is just making me want it even more!

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