Gloomiest Week Ever Polish Haul

I know I have been complaining about CLOUDS constantly, but it has seriously been cloudy for almost two weeks straight! Luckily we have had some hints of sun here and there the past two days, so it seems to be breaking. My job is really stressful right now as it always is with a semester turnover, so when I got a break to get out and do some fun stuff, I picked up some new polish from the holiday collections coming out!

Since I had a 20% off everything coupon for Ulta (dangerous), I picked up two of the holiday polishes from Butter London: Scallywag, and Scuppered. Scallywag is a bright turquoise glitter, and this is a polish that I really wanted just for the name for sentimental reasons. Scuppered is SO AMAZING- It’s described as an “opaque, copper shimmer with pink, gold, and green glitter.” Amazing, right?

I also picked up two Essie polishes from the “Leading Lady” winter collection: Beyond Cozy and Where’s My Chauffeur? I debated WMC, since it seems so similar to Turquoise and Caicos, but after comparing them this one has a lot more blue in it and seems to be a little darker. Beyond Cozy…well I totally debated this one since I have similar glitters, BUT after getting it home and comparing it, I’m glad that I got it! It’s another cool toned gold, but seems to have just a hint of warmth- it’s just a good champagne color. Plus, there was only one left!

I’m not sure if you can tell here, but the L’Oreal polish I bought, Sparklicious, is similar. The biggest differences are that Sparklicious has larger pieces of glitter, and it isn’t as warm of a shade as Beyond Cozy, at least in my eye. I actually think these will look really pretty layered together. Sparklicious is currently available at Walgreens and Rite Aid on a L’Oreal polish display.

I did get one more polish this week and forgot to snap a photo of it; that being OPI’s Elephantastic Pink! I have wanted this polish for awhile and can’t wait to use it. It is SO pretty!


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