Essie Where’s My Chauffeur?

Two very frivolous things I wish I had in my life: a personal hair stylist and a chauffeur. I think this polish from Essie is going to be the closest I get to the latter! Where’s My Chauffeur? is a polish from Essie’s 2012 holiday/2013 winter collection called “Leading Lady”. I read on InStyle that this was inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge and The Queen. I never would have made this connection on my own. What do you think? Do you see royalty?

This color is gorgeous and I love the idea of it in a winter collection, especially for the snowbound population like myself. This is not the same as Turquoise and Caicos if that’s what you’re thinking; I know I thought that too! This leans more blue than some of the other “Tiffany” style turquoise colors.

The formula on this a little streaky with the first coat, and slightly thin; I used three thin coats for coverage.

What do you think of this shade?


6 thoughts on “Essie Where’s My Chauffeur?

  1. If anyone needs a hair stylist it’s me!!! Then I would have more time to devote to my nails! I like this color but doubt I would wear it, I just feel weird with blue nails for some reason but they look nice on you.

    • Oh Mom…you need to get more adventurous! I think you need to rock some blue nails for FINN FEST! I can paint Finnish flags on them too. 😀

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