Essie Butler Please!

I have another polish to show you today from Essie’s winter collection! I passed this up on my first round, but after seeing it on Zenorah’s blog and reading that it is brighter than Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue (which I don’t have), I needed it in my life!

This polish is SO saturated! This is two coats, and to make it even better, it dried very quickly!

Would you believe I even have a place to wear this? This is SO going to be my FinnFest 2013 nail polish. What is FinnFest?

FinnFest USA is a festival with strong academic, cultural, and commerce components presenting Finnish and Finnish American culture and heritage. It’s a festival that brings modern Finland together with historic and contemporary America. FinnFest USA is an ethnic festival like no other in the USA.

FinnFest 2013 is being held where I grew up, as there is a huge Finnish population there. Finnish was my grandma’s first language, as her parents came from Finland. The Finnish flag is white and blue, so this will be perfect. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Essie Butler Please!

  1. I am so HAPPY you picked it up!!! it is definitely a must have blue polish, i will be getting my backups as soon as I can lol. And that is so cool that you have Finnish roots! Do you speak the language

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