Zoya Ziv!

Ziv is from Zoya’s 2012 holiday collection. I love the name of this polish! This is a gold foil with a slight kick to it, as it has some larger gold pieces that are slightly warmer (more coppery) than the rest of the gold foil. While they do make the polish more interesting, I wish they were more prominent overall. You could call them Ziv’s “freckles.”

Ziv is opaque in two coats and goes on very smoothly. While it isn’t terribly unique, it is very pretty and I like to use foils for layering with glitter because they are extra sparkly!

What is it like compared to Goldeneye? Goldeneye is my favorite of the two, as it is more vibrant and the color is more bold than Ziv. If you want your nails to make a statement, get Goldeneye. If you want a little bit of sparkle and something subtly pretty, get Ziv!


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