Butter London Billy No Mates

Billy No Mates is one of the Butter London Nordstrom exclusives (which is now available on the Butter London website!) from earlier this fall. Also, “as seen backstage at JS Lee during Autumn/Winter 2012 London Fashion Week.” This color is a bit deceiving as I thought it would be a simple gray, but it is so much more than that!

This formula is almost opaque in one coat; it could probably be a one coater with a little work. It dries quickly and applies smoothly. The color payoff is very interesting as well, as this is a bit of a shape shifter polish! In some lighting it is very pale and gray as it looks in the bottle. In other lighting it is almost a borderline periwinkle, and sometimes it appears blue toned. I LOVE when polish is like this. It also makes for matching a wide range of outfits, and can be worn any time of year.


One thought on “Butter London Billy No Mates

  1. I believe you have my FinnFest polish here…more subtle than the other blues I’ve seen. I like this and think I would feel ok wearing it. Feeling rather blue after the election anyway!

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