Illamasqua Noble

I have an awesome polish to show you today! I mean, just LOOK at it! It’s SO bright! Illamasqua Noble is a fall polish release. Isn’t this a great color for fall? I love that it is out of season and going against the grain. Of course, that is what Illamasqua tends to be known for.

This is pretty much the perfect polish. Earlier this year I really wanted Deborah Lippmann’s “On the Beach”, but I read bad reviews of it and decided against it. I’m so happy that I waited, because Noble is even prettier. Temptalia says that this is also brighter than On the Beach, and not as blue.

Noble is extremely saturated. This is just ONE coat, making it perfect for toes. I can’t stand having to put more than one coat on my toes, but I will do it if needed. I know my BFF is going to love this color. 🙂

This polish is pretty much perfect in every way. One coat, dries quickly, and looks amazing! I love this color!


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