Essie Bangle Jangle

Good morning on this dreary Monday! At least it is dreary here, once again! I got home yesterday from a lovely anniversary celebration weekend with my hubby. We had a great time and it was a total drag to come home and have to WORK (both of us, as he’s studying for a huge engineering test), but it was nice to get away! I ended up wearing a polish that was actually my second Essie polish ever: Bangle Jangle. I bought this in January when I stopped biting my nails.

Bangle Jangle is neutral lavender shade; it kind of reminds me of a paler version of Bobbi Brown’s matte eyeshadow, Heather. This is opaque in two coats, dries quickly, and lasts a long time! You really can’t go wrong with this polish, unless you hate the color of course. 🙂 It is from Essie’s winter 2011 collection.

The only pic I took of us this weekend, with my piece of junk cell phone! 🙂



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