Revlon Midnight Sparkle!

Revlon has a new holiday display out called “Just Add Sparkle.” I saw this display on a Meijer errand, and the first time I saw it nearly everything was gone and only one bottle of nail polish was left. The second time I saw it, at a different Meijer, I bought the last bottle of Midnight Sparkle, as well as Sequins (gold glitter). Midnight Sparkle and Sequins are two Deborah Lippmann dupes. You can read more about that on Manicurity.

Midnight Sparkle is simply gorgeous. I love navy blue and had to have this! It’s a navy blue polish with silver glitter throughout. This is just one coat and it went on pretty smoothly, despite the glitter being chunky. With a top coat, the glitter was still a little bumpy, but NOT coarse or gritty. The polish is kind of strange because it looks like a jelly in the bottle, but didn’t seem to dry like a jelly polish, probably due to the glitter.

I have no idea if this is going to be a permanent shade or limited edition. The bottle says “new shade”, but that doesn’t say much. If you like it and see it, I recommend buying it on the spot since each display only has two bottles of each polish.

What do you think of this shade? Is it a must have?


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