My Brother is Visiting Polish Haul!


Hello! First, sorry for this photo quality. I take my photos outside most of the time, and it was super windy. I had to grab my bottles before they went flying off of the deck, and my hair blew into the photo! Anyway, my brother is visiting and he was on the hunt for a jacket, so I tagged along to the mall with him. While he looked for a coat, I went to a few different stores and picked up some polish and a couple of nail art goodies!

1. Icing Dance in the Moonlight– This is a very milky blue with shimmer that I found in the clearance bin. It seems sheer, but it is super pretty up close.

2. Illamasqua Scarab– It’s about time! I cannot even tell you how many times I have tried to order this from Sephora’s website. I don’t know why I never realized my Sephora (the only one I am near is one inside of JCPenney) carried Illamasqua, but they had Scarab! Very happy to finally have this.

3. Sephora + Pantone Universe Rose Dawn– Another Sephora purchase. I had passed up on this before but am so happy I have it now; this is a gorgeous rose gold shade.

4. Icing Pop a Bottle– Another find from Icing, this has a crazy glitter assortment, very densely packed, in gold, blue, purple, and from the looks of it some pink. It’s really pretty, and not enough purple where I wouldn’t like it. 😉

5. Pepe’s Purple Passion– The OPI Muppets Collection is popping up at Marshall’s and TJMaxx right now. Pepe’s Purple Passion is a TJMaxx find and not very purple to me; it seems more burgundy.


Also from Sephora, I picked up these nail decals. I am trying to be more creative with my manicures, and thought these were really pretty!


I also got these glittery skulls from Icing. I am into colorful skulls right now, Day of the Dead style. I love the pink ones and already have an idea for them! Now I just need to decide what to do first! 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Brother is Visiting Polish Haul!

  1. Wow your Pop a Bottle looks very different than mine! I’ll be interested to see swatches of it. Mine is mostly gold w/ teal and magenta. Interesting!

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