NARS Schiap


It is super cold and positively bleak outside this week. Once the holidays are over, I am always ready to fast forward into spring. It would be one thing if we had some snow for skiing and such, but no, it’s just gray and miserable out there. That is why I decided it was time for some HOT PINK polish!

NARS Schiap is a cool toned pink and super vibrant! I absolutely LOVE NARS eyeshadow and blush, but had never tried a nail polish before; I was very happy with the formula. It is incredibly pigmented and went on nicely. A little streaky on the first coat, but good with two. I layered it with OPI Pirouette My Whistle, one of my favorite glitters!

NARS polish is very expensive; I believe it is $18 per bottle, which is the same as Deborah Lippmann. That said, I recommend scouring eBay for NARS polish, because you can find it for much cheaper! I just fell in love with this color after seeing swatches of it online, and I don’t have any pinks quite like this one, certainly nothing as vibrant without being a neon. One negative about this polish is that it took a long time to dry, even with a fast dry top coat!

As you can see, my nails are still pretty short right now. My hands are also painfully dry. I need to really take some time to take care of my skin this week. Anyway, I see myself wearing Schiap a lot this summer, especially on my toes!


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