MAC Grey Friday


While MAC is a cult classic brand with thousands of amazing makeup products, their reputation for nail polish, at least from what I have seen, is quite poor. Grey Friday is actually my first ever MAC nail polish, released on Black Friday with a matching lipstick. I don’t have the lipstick (it sold out quickly and it’s not something I would get use out of), but really love the polish. I like it so much that it was actually in my polish favorites of 2012! I could not stop wearing this in December.

This polish is perfect: it applies smoothly and it’s opaque in one coat. This is the perfect polish for impatient nail painters (like that alliteration there?).

This polish is described by MAC as “black matte with silver suede pearl,” which I find pretty accurate. It’s not difficult to remove, it isn’t streaky upon application. I really like this shade! It actually looks soft on the nail but is still edgy.

What do you think of this shade?


2 thoughts on “MAC Grey Friday

  1. I remember the Black Friday limited edition and I wanted the lipstick as well as the polish!!!
    No surprise that that color is one of your favourites, it’s so cute and different!

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