Illamasqua Scarab


Good Monday Greetings! I don’t know about you, but it is utterly freezing here in Michigan. Now if only those of us south of the bridge could get some snow! It’s no fun to have all of this cold and no snow to go with it! Anyway, I have a lovely shade of red to show you to drive away these winter blues! 🙂

Scarab…oh how I was lusting after this color forever! It seemed like I had waited an eternity for it to show up on Sephora’s website. Finally, I found it in my Sephora. This is a very rich red; it has hints of deep scarlet with a little warmth. Scarab actually has a lot of dimension as it shifts color in the light.

True to the rest of my Illamasqua polish, this has incredible pigmentation and wear. I used two thin coats, but this could easily work with one coat as well! There is something about this polish that feels incredibly luxurious. I just imagine this color being worn by someone at a fancy ball. I think it is great for year round, but truly perfection in fall and winter.


3 thoughts on “Illamasqua Scarab

  1. Yes, what a gorgeous color! It reminds me of the “ruby slippers”! And, if you want snow, we have plenty here at home in the U.P. ! It is a lovely minus 10 degrees and snowing off and on. I think I will go and paint my nails……..

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