Revlon Royal + American Apparel Meteor Shower


Revlon Top Speed polish in Royal is a confusing polish. It very much appears to be a jelly in the bottle, and a lot of bloggers refer to it as a jelly. On the nail, it is not a jelly, but one of those weird jelly/creme hybrids. I quite like the formula of this polish as it dries quickly as the name implies, and it is incredibly pigmented. I love how deep this cobalt is!

American Apparel’s Meteor Shower is a shredded gold glitter. Call me impressed with this one. You know how some shredded glitters don’t lay flat and end up sticking up after applying top coat? Not this one. After applying a top coat (Healthy Hoof…review coming soon), the glitter was not bumpy and it didn’t stick up either. It also went on nicely; I hate it when you have to “dig” for the glitters, and this did not do that!

I love the combination of these two polishes and can’t wait to use Meteor Shower with some other colors. Definitely a favorite glitter of mine!


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