China Glaze It’s A Trapeze


Hello! I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been waiting to blog about this polish.  It seems like my nails were super short FOREVER. Now they’re finally growing out again and hopefully I can keep them at a decent length. The reason I say that is because this is one of those polishes where I just don’t like wearing it with short nails because it doesn’t do it justice.

It’s A Trapeze is from China Glaze’s Cirque du Soleil collection. It is a white base with multicolored rainbow glitters. There’s even white glitter in here! This is definitely the best polish out of the Cirque collection, in my humble opinion. I layered this over My Boyfriend Scales Walls, but this polish is opaque in two coats, so layering isn’t necessary.

On the nail, the glitter is very packed, and it doesn’t dry bumpy. It’s also smooth to apply for how much glitter is in the bottle; it might be a little tricky at times, but overall it wasn’t a problem.

This polish can be worn alone or layered over other colors. I’m boring and haven’t tried it over anything but white yet, but I am thinking it would be GORGEOUS over a hot pink! Speaking of hot pinks, I have a new favorite, but that’s for later! 🙂


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