Alphabet Challenge: OPI The Impossible


Before getting into the polish, I have to thank my dear friend, Holly, for this polish since it was part of her giveaway that I won! The Impossible from the OPI Mariah Carey set of minis, and includes the new liquid sand formula!

This polish is red and contains some larger chunks of glitter; it even has stars in it, which I haven’t encountered in my mini bottle yet, but I’m okay with that. Original swatches of the Mariah Carey collection left me uninterested, but when the collection was released and more swatches popped up, the colors were a lot more appealing so I was really excited to try these new colors! I actually love this shade of red. It’s very “candy” like, which is appropriate for Mariah, don’t you think?


I really do love this liquid sand finish because it’s textured and interesting; I find myself staring at my nails constantly when it’s on! The Impossible definitely glows on the nails too. 🙂 Thank you again, Holly!!


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