Alphabet Challenge: Revlon Jelly


Happy Valentine’s Day! I feel like I’ve had such a lack of posts here lately, but my job is seriously stressing me out right now. I think that people assume everything is rosy all the time just because I work from home, but that is definitely NOT the case. Since I haven’t had a car in nearly a month due to my car accident, that is making me even more cranky. Combine that with NO SUNSHINE and I’m just losing my marbles. Anyway…I’m getting a new car tomorrow (yay!) and I have my six amazing fur babies by my side today so it’s not all bad! OH- My mom also sent us a valentine box full of cookies she made, plus there were some goodies for me, including a sweater, two books, and a pair of sandals!

So, Revlon Top Speed polish in the shade Jelly- it sure pulls red in these shots but it’s more of a red pink. Definitely more pink in person; this is a very pretty color and the shots above are just one coat! I am crazy about the formula of these Top Speed polishes. They are super pigmented, dry quickly, and go on smoothly! This is NOT a jelly polish either. You can tell that from looking at it in the bottle, but with the jelly polish craze I figure it is worth mentioning.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


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