Alphabet Challenge: Essie Loophole


Hello there at the end of this crazy Monday! My oldest dog celebrated his rescue birthday today, so it has been quite the evening for him between steak and carrots and a birthday cake. PLUS, my grandma, who inspired this blog nearly a year ago now, turned 91 today and she was not too pleased that they gave her chocolate cake (I guess she hates it)! Anyway, are you ready to see Loophole?

I found this polish hidden in the deep bins of Big Lots during the huge drugstore closeout sale they had months ago. For less than $3, I figured I would give this color a shot. I swear it looks blueish in the bottle, but it mostly appears to be silver in the photos. This color is surprisingly pretty. There’s nothing that unique about it, but at the same time it isn’t really like anything else I have. I love how crisp and bright it is and was pleasantly surprised by this shade!


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