Butter London Fiver Comparisons!


It seems like every spring there is some hot new version of mint green on the market that is ever so slightly different from the other mint greens out there, right? This year is no different of course, with Butter London Fiver being one of those greens. So how does this compare to other shades of mint? Let’s take a look!


I thought the most obvious comparison would be Mint Candy Apple, but these two shades are pretty different from each other. Fiver is truly green while MCA leans more turquoise blue. It is hard to tell here, but in real life, the tone of Absolutely Shore seems more on par with Fiver because of the green tones.


Of the polishes shown, none of them are dupes of each other, but the closest match is Spa Ritual’s Delight. Fiver has the better formula of the two as well and is more opaque. Mermaid’s Tears is much darker than all of these, but it is one of the more famous turquoise colors, so I thought I would throw it in there. 🙂



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