Alphabet Challenge: OPI Pamplona Purple


My mother once asked me if I ever came across polishes I don’t like. Well of course that is true, but I’d much rather write about something I like, right? Well, I do not like the color of this polish! It looks very different under the fluorescent lights of the store. OPI Pamplona Purple is from Coleccion de España in 2009, but now part of their classic shades line. I thought this leaned a little more pink under the lights, so I took a chance.

The formula is great and the polish is very pigmented, but this is just too purple for me. I can deal with pink purples and blurples (blue purples), and I absolutely love lavender, but this is too much grape!  I will be giving this polish away at some point, maybe to my mom (let me know, Mother dear).

Sorry to be so negative! Fans of purple will like this shade! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Alphabet Challenge: OPI Pamplona Purple

      • Thanks. For what it’s worth, I think it looks good with your skin. But I understand just not liking a color. I can’t do green. Every time I try it, I take it off within an hour.

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