Butter London Kerfuffle Comparisons!


Hey guys! Happy Friday! I have some Kerfuffle comparisons today! This color is gorgeous, described by Butter London as “opaque pink coral creme”. This is from their spring Sweetie Shop collection. My husband likes this color on me so it’s extra special!



Left to right: Flower Gorgeous Gerbera, Butter London Kerfuffle, Butter London Trout Pout, Revlon Charismatic, OPI Italian Love Affair, Zoya Cassi, Sally Hansen Coral Reef


As you can see, this color is VERY similar to Flower nail polish in Gorgeous Gerbera. The difference is, which is very subtle, is that GG is more pink and Kerfuffle leans coral pink. Trout Pout is a lot darker than Kerfuffle, and Italian Love Affair from OPI is very frosty and more pink. I thought for sure I would have more similar shades to this, but I don’t (which is a good thing of course). I actually purchased Gorgeous Gerbera AFTER Kerfuffle…which I wish I hadn’t now since they are so close. If you like Kerfuffle but don’t want to pay the price tag of Butter London, Gorgeous Gerbera is almost an exact dupe, or a dupe if you can’t tell the difference between them!


Just another shot in slightly different lighting. 🙂

I hope this is helpful!




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