More Manicure Spam!


Hey Everyone! I just realized that this blog is now a year old as of March 21st. As the cliche saying goes, time flies! 🙂 Anyway, I have some manicure spam of the polish I wore last week, starting with Illamasqua Scorch. Wow, this is an amazing, vivid WHITE! If you love white nails consider this a must have. It is totally opaque in two easy coats.


I ended up layering Scorch with Hard Candy’s Black Tie Optional. This was a good pairing, but it would look better with a colored polish since there are opaque white glitters in this polish.


OPI Give Me the Moon. OH. MY. GOSH. I wore this for four days and the photo does not do it justice AT ALL. This polish is like Cinderella’s gown wrapped up in a cloud with unicorn dust and fairy sparkles. It has that “lit from within” glow in person and is a shape shifter between blue, gray, and lilac. WHY does nobody talk about it???


And OF COURSE a pink shade, right?! Oh boy did I debate this nail polish, Comic Cute from MAC. As you can see, it’s from the Archie’s Girls collection. I placed an order for everything I wanted makeup wise, but not this. It kept nagging at me so over a month later I decided to just get it and I’m really happy with it. The formula is fine and it is such a gorgeous pink. Believe it or not, I don’t even have a dupe for it. 😉 If you like pink, this is a good one!

Thanks for reading!


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