Butter London Summer Holiday Collection Now Available!


Hey everyone! I just receive this in my email and HAD to share because I am so excited! Butter London’s summer collection is available on their website and they have FREE SHIPPING for 24 hours! This is a big deal because usually it’s expensive at $8 a pop.

Shades available (all descriptions are from Butter London’s website):

Bit Faker: A full coverage bronze glitter that was inspired by the tan from a can.

Bobby Dazzler: Look fit and rock your fancy in this opaque silver chrome.

Champers: This rose gold shimmer is Brit slang for champagne; pop a bottle in the hamper for a toast on the beach-or anywhere else.

Marbs: This unique yellow-gold stunner was named for the city of Marbella on the Mediterranean.

Poole: A robin’s egg blue crème inspired by this seaside resort town in high summer.

Sun Baker: This rust orange shimmer is named for a sun slave whose skin had taken an odd and unnatural tone.

I took advantage of the free shipping to pick up Bit Faker and Champers, but there are a few other shades I would like to get later on. Any of these catching your eye?


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