Polish Chit Chat: Bottle Shapes


Hello! I thought it was time for something new around here, just a little polish chit chat type of post. Starting out, I thought it was time to talk about bottle shapes and what kind of shapes I prefer. There are so many bottle shapes out there, but my favorites are square bottles because they are the easiest to store. Essie is one of those brands! Their bottles are so cute and small and easy to store! Cirque also has this bottle shape. NARS and L’Oreal also have square bottles.


Another square, more rectangle type of bottle shape that I love are the Butter London bottles. To me, this is the perfect bottle shape because it is SO easy to store due to the slim shape. You can store a lot of these in a small space! Victoria’s Secret and H&M also have these bottles. American Apparel has a slim shape too.


Models Own is a UK brand, but I like the shape of their bottles because they are the same cylinder from the bottom to the top and again, are easy to store! Nails, Inc. also has this same bottle shape.


The worst polish to store is definitely Nicole by OPI. I hate the shape of these bottles and how they jut out at the bottom. It’s just completely awkward!


I’m also not a fan of CND’s bottles. They are kind of a strange shape, as they are flat on the back, but rounded at the front. If you’ve been on a boat, they’re kind of like that! 🙂 Not a huge fan of storing these, so it’s a good thing I only have a few!


One more bottle shape I don’t like are the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure bottles. They are so big, bulky, and bulbous on top! Yuck!

Any thoughts on this topic? 🙂


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