Maybelline Color Show Urban Utopia


Urban Utopia is one of the new limited edition polishes from Maybelline’s summer collection. I knew this display was going to kill me. Since it’s a summer collection, all of the polishes are beach related and in beach hues of blue, gray, and nude. I spent all of my summers at the beach with my grandparents, so anything with that theme lures me in!

This color is showing up really blue in photos, but in real life it definitely has more green to it.  Also, in the photos above, there’s no top coat. Look how shiny it is! This is just two coats as well. The application of this polish was very smooth as well.

The Color Show polishes run between $3 and $4 at drugstores and convenience stores. They color variety is great. I have a couple of polishes from their regular line, but much prefer the limited edition shades!


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