Butter London Bit Faker


Another summer must have, Butter London Bit Faker is “A full coverage bronze glitter that was inspired by the tan from a can.” This polish is so much more than a bronze glitter. This polish is simply amazing and in my humble opinion, back-up worthy!


This is two coats of Bit Faker, and as you can see it is packed full of different glitters. Not only bronze, but also what looks to be some gold, rose gold, and possibly black? The sparkle on this polish is mind blowing. It is one of those polishes where you will paint your nails and simply stare at them!

Bit Faker is part of BL’s summer collection, and is $15 at Ulta, the Butter London website, Dermstore, and Zappos.

Since this is a glitter, let’s talk about application and removal. I used two coats and no base, but you could also use a base and just one coat if you don’t want all of that glitter on your nails. Removal is not as bad as you would think for a glitter, at least not with a little bit of soaking with Zoya Remove. The finish is semi-matte and a little bumpy, but nothing a good top coat can’t take care of.

Mom, I think this would look amazing on you! ๐Ÿ™‚



4 thoughts on “Butter London Bit Faker

  1. One of my all times fav colors when it coles to nail polish. And i usually love the quality of Butter London. Whats your fav by the brand? Mine is Come to Bed Red ๐Ÿ˜€

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