Hare Polish Hooky at the Hamlet


Hooky at the Hamlet is a gorgeous green, glittered, jelly polish from the indie brand Hare Polish. I am a sucker for anything with white glitter, so this polish was a must have for me after I saw swatches of it on Temptalia.

I did not use a base color, and with two coats you can still see some visible nail line. I don’t mind this, because I used to be a biter, and a nail line is major progress! Hooky at the Hamlet is from the spring collection entitled The Last Queen of France (based on Marie Antoinette).

This polish is a little thick, but nothing impossible to work with. The glitters didn’t require any extra moving around and went on easily.

The color of this polish is amazing! It really glows on the nail. I got mine from Llarowe for $11, but it is currently sold up. If you sign up for emails from Llarowe, they will send you an email when a brand is going to be restocked.


3 thoughts on “Hare Polish Hooky at the Hamlet

  1. Oh, that’s a fun polish! Is that brand 3-Free or 5-Free? It vaguely reminds me of “Fragile” by Illamasqua, even though the color shades and tones are different. Can you explain what the difference between regular polish (cream) and “jelly” polish is? I have several jelly lacquers and, to be honest, I can’t tell the difference between a regular shiny cream polish and the jelly kind. Any insight? Thanks! 🙂

    • I’m not sure if it is 3 or 5 free, actually, but do know Hare Polish is cruelty free! A jelly polish is kind of like a “glaze”…it’s very sheer and has a “squishy” appearance to it, unlike a cream polish. Jellies don’t usually have as much color payoff as creams. I hope this is helpful!!

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