Revlon Lagoon Afternoon!


Hello, and happy Saturday to you! I have a new Revlon polish to show you today. This shade is called Lagoon Afternoon, and it is a beautiful, summery teal. This seems like a dupe for a polish that has been on my wishlist for a long time: Deborah Lippmann’s To The Beach. I’m only basing this off of photos though, since I don’t have the DL polish.

Lagoon Afternoon (one of the best polish names ever!) was really easy to apply and went on smoothly. I applied two coats, plus a top coat.


I also added Essie Beyond Cozy for a little sparkle!

This polish was on a new display from Revlon that focused on pedicures. There were some other great colors there, so I might have to check it out again!

What do you think of this color?


2 thoughts on “Revlon Lagoon Afternoon!

  1. Every time I google Revlon Lagoon Afternoon your blog link comes up as Revlon Lagoon Afternoon Horrendous Color. I bought this color recently but haven’t tried it yet. If I just googled it quickly in the store I may not have bought it thinking it was horrendous. Glad you actually love it! Maybe change the blog name, though, unless you’re reviewing a truly horrendous color? 🙂

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