Rose Gold Polish Swatches and Comparisons!


Ah, rose gold! Such a lovely and popular color, isn’t it? I have many rose golds and they are all pretty different from each other, so I thought I’d show some comparisons of them!


Left to right:

Sally Hansen Nude Shimmer- This is probably my least favorite of the bunch. I just don’t really care for it, as it’s very sheer and watery. Luckily, this was a dollar store find so I’m not out much money!

Pantone Rose Dawn– I have reviewed this before. It’s pretty, but chips easily!

Butter London Champers– Not surprising, but this is definitely a favorite. It is a lot more complex than it looks in the photos here, as it is very shimmery.
Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy– Another polish I’ve reviewed before; this one is a duochrome so there is a color shift to a sort of warm yellow gold shade.

Orly Rose Pixel- This is amazing. It’s textured, which I love. Plus, it’s a little cooler in tone compared to the rest.

Essie Penny Talk– Another favorite; I love the metallic finish and the color is very rich.


Orly Rage– Quite possibly the most famous rose gold, and the most popular. Very pretty and great application!

Hard Candy Pink Crush– This is more pink than coppery, and it’s very sparkly. I love polish like this one!

Kure Bazaar Or Rose– This is an eco-friendly polish, made of “85% natural origin based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn.” I love this polish. It is probably my favorite in this bunch!

Zoya Tinsley– This is another very pink rose gold shade rather than champagne.


My picks of the bunch: Both Orly shades, Champers, and Kure Bazaar! Definitely skip the Sally Hansen shade; Penny Talk is good for a more coppery finish. Hard Candy wins for the budget pick at just $4.

Do you have any of these colors, or favorite rose gold polishes?


8 thoughts on “Rose Gold Polish Swatches and Comparisons!

  1. These are gorgeous!! I didn’t think that Penny Talk would look like that, based upon what I saw in the bottle. One that I love is Dubs by BL. It reminds me of the Orly Pixel one!

  2. I’ve been on a search for the best rose gold colors and sparkle for my wedding and this blog just saved my life! Now I have to choose two out of three but I’m getting them all for myself regardless!!!! thank you.

  3. I have Penny Talk it is nice but I just got it to wear under their coppery glitter. It’s a nice combo but taking off glitter is hard. I just bought tinsley my first zoya. I have ingenue.

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