Illamasqua Rare


What can I say about Rare, except that it’s amazing? I LOVE neon yellow. Love, love, love. I just love neon. 🙂 Anyway, I picked this up from Sephora earlier this year when my store had all of the Illamasqua polish marked down to $7. Now that they have upped the price to $17 from $14 (with the exchange rate, this is understandable), I’m glad that I bought this when I did!

Rare is clearly, a very vivid color. I did not wear white underneath and just used three coats of this. Like all Illamasqua polishes that I have tried, the formula is fantastic and went on easily. Their polishes last longer on me than other brands, which is important to me because I type a lot! I am definitely going to rock this shade on my toes this summer!


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