Essie Bottle Service

bottle11Bottle Service is from Essie’s Summer Neons collection. A hot pink jelly neon? Yes, please! I love this and was pleased with the formula. It is very pigmented and goes on smoothly. With two coats, you don’t quite get that squishy jelly look, but with three it is out in full force, which is what you see here. I was impressed with the coverage and love the color and finish. It has a semi-matte finish without a top coat. Essie makes wonderful neon shades and this one is definitely worth it if you like hot pink!


6 thoughts on “Essie Bottle Service

  1. I heard that if you use a white polish as your base color and do the two coats of a neon color, it’ll pop up even more and save you an extra coat! I thought you would like to know. I love your blog. I had it sent to my email everyday so I can read it! πŸ™‚

  2. Normally I’m not fond of jellies but this one looks nice. You and your great selection of nail polishes… They always get me. Haha, there is no way I can just glance at your swatches without reading more about them.

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