China Glaze Dandy Lyin’ Around


I haven’t been paying much attention to China Glaze lately. I had no interest in the “Transitions” shades or the holographic polishes. The Avant Garden collection was pretty, but I didn’t go chasing the shades by any means. Recently I was in Sally Beauty Supply and the shades from that collection were 50% off, so I ended up with quite a few that I really think are beautiful!

I know I’ve said this before, but I LOVE wearing white polish. It’s just so clean and crisp (Mom, I sound like you…with cotton!!). Dandy Lyin’ Around is a milky base with very, very fine shimmer throughout. It was hard to pick it up on camera. It is pretty sheer. I used two coats so there’s still some visible nail line, and there were no problems with the formula.

You know how when you paint your nails, and can’t stop staring at your hands because you love the polish so much? That was me with Dandy Lyin’ Around. This polish is GORGEOUS. If you love white polish like I do, check this one out for sure!


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