Revlon Colorstay Seashell


I really love the Revlon Colorstay polish line. These perform amazingly well if you use the entire system: the base coat, polish, and top coat. You can get all three for around $15 depending where you shop, and of course this provides multiple uses! Seashell is a new shade that appeared in the Gucci Westman Summer 2013 line, the Pacific Coast collection.

The name of this polish is just perfect, I think. Seashell is a very sheer pink; this is just two coats. More opacity can be achieved with a ridge filler base coat and of course more coats of polish, but I think it is very pretty with just two. It is light and summery, great for a casual weekend when you want to look totally natural. This would be a good shade to do French manicures with as well (which I’ve never done!). It’s kind of a pinky peach, definitely more on the pink side. I think it’s gorgeous and will definitely get a lot of wear out of it. I’ve been favoring shades like this lately!

What do you think of Seashell?


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