Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat: Fuzz-Sea


I have such a love/hate relationship with Sally Hansen. I generally think that most Sally Hansen polish is terrible, but sometimes they are just too pretty and they get the best of me! I really went crazy for these new Fuzzy Coat polishes. They’re just so pretty and unique, and they are similar to the Nails, Inc. feather polishes. I scoped those out in Chicago, but they were sold out everywhere so I only saw the testers. The Fuzzy Coat shades are a good alternative and more affordable.

Fuzzy Coat polish is textured, so it will feel rough. I really like this trend, but still put a top coat over this. This polish is supposed to be opaque, but it was really difficult to cover the entire nail while getting these bars to stick, so I just used a base and two light coats of Fuzz-Sea, which is matte turquoise and yellow/green bar glitter.

What do you think of this trend? Are you a fan?


One thought on “Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat: Fuzz-Sea

  1. How coincidental! I saw the Sally Hansen display of these yesterday and snapped a picture of it because it looked interesting. Not my style but it sure is unique.

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