OPI When Monkeys Fly


If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile,  you know that I LOVE The Wizard of Oz. When OPI did their Oz collection this year, of course I bought all of them! I’ve never done that before, but with my favorite thing ever, I make exceptions.

When Monkeys Fly is a mix of large gold hexagon glitter combined with medium-sized glitters in a clear base. I was worried about how my polish would perform, because there were reports of these bit glitter bits turning into tacos- turning up and folding after application. OPI did own up to that and offered to replace bottles with other shades for those who were not happy with it. Amazingly, I have had NO problems with my bottle of When Monkeys Fly and my glitter lays flat without a problem!

Anyway, I layered this over OPI Black Onyx. I need to try this glitter out with some other shades, especially pink! I love how chunky the gold glitter is and this is definitely a favorite layering polish for me. What do you think? Did you get any Oz shades?


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