OPI Jinx


I clearly have issues with these liquid sand polishes from OPI. I am obsessed with them! Jinx is an amazing summery polish from the Bond Girls collection. This is a warm coral/orange shade with gold shimmer throughout. It looks like fire!

I love the rough texture of the liquid sands; they dry quickly, are easy to correct mistakes, and they’re opaque in just a couple of coats. For something with this texture, they also apply easily as well, and are long lasting! Jinx is gorgeous, but especially gorgeous on those with deeper skin tones. Google some swatches, and you’ll see what I mean!

What do you think of the liquid sand shades and textured polishes in general? Are you a fan?


3 thoughts on “OPI Jinx

  1. Ooo, reminds me of a matte textured version of China Glaze Riveting. I’m not fond of textured polishes, I hate when my nails snag on anything and bumpy<smooth :-/ That being said, I've really debated picking up Pussy Galore and Tiffany Case/Solitare are growing on me too. I guess there is an exception to some rules 😉

    • I don’t know why, but I am hooked on the textured polishes! Liquid Sand is my favorite formula so far. Some of them just look plain gross! I did not like the look of the China Glaze ones.

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