Black and Gold Manicure with Silver Studs!


Hey everyone! I’m really excited about this manicure! Awhile back I got these little metal studs for nail art and decided to put them to use. It’s not perfect, but I liked the look I achieved!


First, I used one coat of Illamasqua Creator, which is a black polish with silver glitter. Next, I topped it with the Sephora by OPI 18K gold top coat. Finally, I added the studs at the nail base.


After applying everything, I used a top coat and sprayed it with Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Dryer spray to speed up the end result. I really liked this manicure and it definitely made me want to experiment with “nail art” more. I use quotes because there are some seriously talented nail artists out there. 😉 Anyway, my mind is buzzing now, thinking of what I can do next with those cute little metal squares!


2 thoughts on “Black and Gold Manicure with Silver Studs!

  1. We can only imagine what gramma would have to say about this! Interesting art work. Cool but for some reason it seems like it would make my nails “itchy”! I know, I’m a little nutso.

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