Illamasqua Scarce


Speckle polish was so hugely popular this spring! While there are some that I enjoy from a few brands, Illamasqua did it best, in my humble opinion. I love how the way the “speckles” end up distributed on the nail looks just like a bird’s egg.

The formula on this polish is incredibly smooth. Illamasqua just doesn’t go wrong with their polish! Scarce is opaque in two coats and the glitter doesn’t “catch” while applying, which I greatly appreciate! Scarce is also a very wearable pink; it’s almost a nude pink on me. These are sold out on Sephora’s website right now, but you may be able to find them at free standing stores, and you can also find them on Illamasqua’s website; however, you’ll need to pay for international shipping unless you buy a certain amount.

Are you a fan of the speckle polish craze?


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