Paul and Joe Toujours


Allow me to introduce you to one of my new favorite shades of pink: Toujours from Paul and Joe. Paul and Joe is a French brand that has all kinds of fun goodies: makeup, clothing, accessories, nail polish, and more. You can find them in the states on Dermstore’s website.

Toujours is such a beautiful shade of pink. It’s a muted, almost salmon pink; it’s not dusty but has a bit of a milky quality to it. I definitely do not have another pink like it. It’s very old-fashioned and romantic. I used three coats for opacity. This polish does seem to take awhile to dry compared to other brands, but not to the point of it being a deal breaker.


Also, check out this bottle! How cute is it? I would definitely check out more polish from this brand, as I’m really pleased with this one!


8 thoughts on “Paul and Joe Toujours

  1. AHH! I adore Paul & Joe products. Their stick blushes & lipsticks are soooo cute! This has a fancy bottle too. Pretty color 🙂 I’m thinking a pink manicure like this for my birthday + Butter London Rosie Lee

  2. Unusual pink, you’re right, it has a real vintage feel to it. I’ve only had bad experiences with Paul & Joe polishes (although the bottles are cute) so nice to know they’re not all duffers!

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