Butter London Hardwear Top Coat Review!

pd2Allow me to introduce you to my current favorite top coat: Butter London Hardwear. I actually received this for free with a purchase as a special deal. Alone, it is $19, but it is also available as part of a double set called “Tops and Tails” that includes a base coat. The set is a much better value at $25. I haven’t tried the base coat, but will probably invest in the set at some point when I need it (definitely not any time soon).

pdThis contains .6 fluid ounces of product, and so far I am about halfway through the bottle despite having been using it for about six months! The best part is that it is still fluid and NOT thick. That’s something I hate about Seche Vite, and Nubar Diamont does the same thing, but not as bad. Another thing that bothers me about most top coats is that the brush doesn’t reach the bottom, making it impossible to actually use the product up because the brush dries out. As you can see in the photo, you can actually use all of this up!

Now for performance: This top coat works well with of course the Butter London brand, but also with other polishes. When I wear this, my polish doesn’t chip at all, but still get some tip wear, which I think is normal with any top coat.

The odor to this top coat is also not that strong, which is nice. I recommend this if you are in the market for a top coat!


4 thoughts on “Butter London Hardwear Top Coat Review!

  1. amazing review! i had this top coat last fall and forgot how much i liked it! after i read your review i bought myself a new bottle. even though it is pricey, it lasted like 4 months when seche normally lasts about a month and a half for me.

  2. I use this top coat as well and think it’s fantastic! (The Flawless Foundation is perfection, but that’s a different post, isn’t it?). My routine is the Nail Fertilizer, the Flawless Foundation, nail lacquer (2-3 coats, usually 2) and then the Quick Dry Top Coat. I also use INM’s Out the Door, which is a tad bit shinier. BL’s TC is excellent, though.

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