So You Want to Stop Biting Your Nails…


Hey everyone! I have a different type of post today, all about quitting that nasty habit of nail biting. It is not easy, is it? For YEARS I listened to my mom nag me about my nails and how disgusting they looked (Sorry, know it’s true!). When I got married, the photographer wanted the typical “hands” photo and I flat out said no because of my short nails (not that I wanted that shot anyway…). Then about a year and a half ago, in January of 2012, I finally kicked the bad habit of nail biting. Here are some tips that worked for me!

1- It’s all about willpower and wanting to stop. It was very difficult for me to quit biting my nails. I had to make the decision to quit biting them, and it was torture at first.

2- Start reading nail blogs, or start one of your own! This was huge in helping me to quit biting my nails. There are some truly beautiful nail blogs out there with many talented nail artists.

3- Create a Pinterest board for inspiration. This was the biggest part that helped me to quit biting my nails. I wanted MY nails to look like what I saw on Pinterest!

4- Buy nail polish in your favorite colors. I had some nail polish but only painted my toes with it. I purchased a few bottles of Essie and the rest is history!

5- Be comfortable knowing you might slip up. You might go back and chew off all of your nails sometimes. You might chew off one. That’s okay, but don’t give up!

6- Know it will take a long time to develop healthy nails. This has been the hardest for me. My nails are still pretty weak from biting them all those years, but they are improving. Taking biotin helps them, and of course eating a healthy diet filled with veggies and greens! Still, they aren’t perfect and it will probably be a long time before they are where I want them to be, if ever!

7- Be happy with the nails that you have. My nails are never going to look like a hand model’s (hee hee…I just wanted to use the phrase ‘hand model’), and they probably won’t look like some of the amazing blogs that I read, but I’m okay with that. I was always jealous of my best friend’s nails while we were growing up, but since I quit biting I can enjoy mine even though they aren’t perfect. 🙂

I hope this was helpful! If you want to quit biting your nails, you CAN do it!


2 thoughts on “So You Want to Stop Biting Your Nails…

  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your nail pictures. I feel like you have “real” nails and I like that. I try to keep my nails in good shape with a tiny bit of length and I think they look a lot like yours. I will never have the long thin nail beds of some of the nail bloggers and I can’t stand to let them get too long. While I love looking at all the polish swatches on other blogs, your nail blog is one of my favorites because of how relatable your pictures are. Short, round nail beds unite! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Meredith!!! I used to be so self-conscious because my nails aren’t perfect like other nail blogs, but they have come a long way since stopping biting! That really means a lot to me! 🙂

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