Impress Nails Review!


Awhile back, I was browsing around Rite Aid and found a set of Impress Nails marked down to just $2. The design was pretty enough, and I figured they would be fun to wear when my nails certainly broke down to little nubs again. 😉


The set I picked up are these pretty pink leopard and lace nails. Upon purchase, I completely thought these were just regular fake nails with nice designs on them. I was definitely wrong! These are not your average fake nails. They aren’t cheap looking and they aren’t hard or scratchy. The edges are smooth and the actual nail is very flexible.


Impress claims:

  • No drying time
  • Superior, lasting shine
  •  Easy removal
  •  Lasts up to a week

So how did they perform? Well, on me they did not last a week, but the wear time isn’t bad either. On the second day I lost just one nail, but the pack comes with extras, so I was able to just pop on a new one. I do like how easy they are to apply. They don’t have any glue, and just stick right onto the nails. I also didn’t need anything fancy to take them off; I simply pulled them off with a little elbow grease. 😉


The sizes were of good variety, but I do wish there were more smaller ones, or maybe a set for petite nails. I have small nails and have always had trouble finding ones that are a perfect fit for me. This isn’t a complaint really, just something I noticed while replacing nails that fell off.

For someone like me, I think these nails are best suited for special occasions or even a long weekend rather than daily use. I really like them and enjoyed wearing them!


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