Sinful Colors Sail La Vie


Sail La Vie is a beautiful new shade from Sinful Colors. It is a vibrant periwinkle color and to me, it looks unique compared to other periwinkles that I have! These polishes are only $1.99 so it’s hard to go wrong with them, since they do last nicely and most of them have easy applications.

I used three light coats of Sail La Vie. The formula is a little thin, but what I just can’t get past with this polish is the SMELL. This smells like straight up skunk. I don’t know if I got a bad bottle or something, but it was not pleasant to apply. Luckily, after it dries and the top coat is on, that smell goes away. At the same time, it makes me reluctant to use it!

Highly recommend the color, but maybe check out the scent first if you can.


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