Comprehensive Spring/Summer Polish Haul!


Hello! Thanks so much for reading this post, and stopping by. I really appreciate it! 🙂 Today I’m sharing a rather large, but comprehensive polish haul, meaning that these are the polishes I’ve purchased in the last three months. In looking at this, I’m realizing that I forgot to add two, but I will mention them anyway. 🙂

Let’s start with the ones I completely forgot to include: Butter London Keks and Torch! Torch is a gorgeous coral/orange with golden shimmer, available from Nordstorm.

Now, I’ll start left to right with the top row of the photo.

Sally Hansen All Fired Up– This is so vibrant! It is a warm red with a tinge of orange. I saw one of my favorite bloggers write about it and it looked amazing on her. Plus, I had a coupon so it was justified. 😉

NARS Versailles– Oh. MY. Gosh. This gold is just flat out sexy. Love.

Illamasqua Hemlock, Pink Raindrops, and Raindrops– Need I say more about these? Cult classic must haves. I’ll be blogging about these soon, for sure.

These OPI shades I was really excited about. The place to buy OPI is at hair salons. I always see them marked down to buy one, get two free, which is a crazy deal. I got Suzi’s Hungary Again, A Roll in the Hague, and Glitzerland!

Now for the second row! That mini bottle of Candy Darling is from a NARS set that was released with the Andy Warhol collection. It’s your standard hot fuchsia!

OPI Charmed By A Snake is one I had to track down online, since it’s from the old India collection. This is a sexy brown/bronze shade.

These two Essie polishes are true cult classics: Ballet Slippers and Fiji!


Orly Beautiful Garbage is a teal holographic glitter polish in a jelly base.

These two shades from China Glaze are from the summer Sunsational collection! Keeping It Teal and Sun of a Peach are both JELLIES! I can’t wait to wear these.

Finally, I have two from MAC: Tropical and Bleu Velvet. Tropical is pure bronze glitter goodness, and Bleu Velvet is a light periwinkle shade. I know MAC gets a bad rap for their polish, but I have had pretty good luck with them so far!

Anything catching your eye?


2 thoughts on “Comprehensive Spring/Summer Polish Haul!

  1. A beautiful haul! I would really like to see BL’s Torch, as I love oranges (yes, I bought Sun Baked and love it) and corals. As for Illamasqua, Hemlock is such a beautiful polish that sits in the shadows of the two Raindrops polishes — it’s so worth investing in. It’s a subtle look, but the green/pink holo (?) is simply lovely. I’m glad you’ve highlighted it. I own the blue/gray Raindrops and think it’s very pretty too. Quick question — is Orly’s polish not Sparkling Garbage, or are there two different formulas? I think MAC gets a bad rap for nail lacquer — I also picked up Tropical and think it’s beautiful. And my most favorite red in the universe is MAC’s Rougemarie. I have about 20 MAC polishes and I like all of them. Cheers!

    • Oh, you are right! Sparkling Garbage! I will have to fix that! 😀 I will have to check out Rougemarie! Thanks for the input on Hemlock…I took a chance but it looks really pretty!

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