Hard Candy Peach Pop


This spring, speckled polish was all the rage! I love this trend and picked up several from the Hard Candy line, including this one called Peach Pop.

Hard Candy has several polishes that are great alternatives to the more expensive speckled lines, like Illamasqua and Deborah Lippmann. It should be noted though that these will not last nearly as long on the nail, at least they did not for me. Unlike Illamasqua and DL, when the Hard Candy speckle polish chips, it comes off in one large chunk instead of just a small chip here or there. For $4 though, this isn’t a complaint.

Peach Pop is a great orange shade packed full of pink, orange, and silver glitter. I used two coats here, though it would probably look even better with three! The glitter does not interfere with application either.

For the price, I think these are great polishes to have fun with, especially if you change up your polish frequently.


2 thoughts on “Hard Candy Peach Pop

    • I have found they are all quite sheer! They work better with a layer of something opaque underneath, I think.

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