Zoya Color Lock System Review


Over the holidays, my local Younkers had the Zoya color lock system mini set available for $15. I passed up on it several times, but months later it was still there, so I decided to get it. Since the store doesn’t carry any other Zoya products, I figured this would be an affordable way to try the entire system.

The mini set came with the Remove+ polish remover (used up), Anchor base coat, Fast Drops drying drops, and Armor top coat.

I have to give these little bottles credit in that they are ideal to travel with and so far have lasted a long time, and I’ve barely made a dent in them.

Now for the review. Did this make my nail polish stay on longer? Yes and no. It certainly made my Zoya polishes stay on longer, especially when reapplying the Armor top coat every other day or so. That said, I would only recommend this for use with Zoya’s nail polish, not other lines.

If you use this with other brands, your nail polish will chip like crazy. I am not going to call this a “con” necessarily, just something to be aware of.

I do like that this entire set dries quickly. As for the drying drops, they didn’t really wow me at all to the point where my polish was noticeably drier faster.

I will not be purchasing these in the full size, but do like them for my Zoya shades. Also, I will definitely keep buying the polish remover, as I love it!

What do you think of the Zoya color lock system? Have you tried it?


2 thoughts on “Zoya Color Lock System Review

  1. That’s interesting. Reminds me of how GoPro accessories are proprietary; my bf loves his GoPro but hates that it’s not compatible with any other mainstream camera product (batteries/attachments/stands). I like universal products. Most people aren’t THAT loyal to just one brand of polish. I have yet to use the polish remover (I use a minimal amount of acetone) but I like the packaging of it 🙂

    • You need to try the polish remover! It is seriously amazing!! 😀 I also prefer universal things…I would say most people do!

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