Illamasqua Nudge


Good day to you, fine readers! It is so hot outside, but what’s killing me is the humidity! Yuck! Everything feels sticky and gross. Anyway, here’s an amazing color from Illamasqua! Nudge is a chalky baby blue shade. It’s great for spring and summer, but who am I kidding? I wear whatever I feel like year round. 😀 This would actually be gorgeous in the winter too, against the white snow and bleak gray skies.

Despite being a little streaky on the first coat (all colors like this are), Nudge is opaque in two coats and levels out nicely. Illamasqua, in my humble opinion, makes the longest lasting nail polish for my nails. I highly recommend always checking your Sephora for clearance Illamasqua too! I found many bottles for $7, and eventually some were marked down to $4.

What are your favorite baby blues?


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