Butter London Wellies + Maybelline Clearly Spotted


Here’s a manicure that I’m currently LOVING! Maybelline came out with their “polka dots” collection recently, so I picked up a couple shades, including Clearly Spotted. I thought this would be the same as Hard Candy Black Tie Optional, but this doesn’t have bar glitter, which I definitely prefer. Since this is limited edition, I may have to get a back-up bottle, because I love it! I only had to use one coat and it didn’t require any shuffling of the dots. I love how it applied!

Wellies is a new shade from Butter London’s fall line. It’s one of those great in between green and yellow polishes. I only needed two coats for opacity, and it didn’t budge while I applied Clearly Spotted. I LOVE Wellies! It is such a vibrant color and I own a pair of wellies (though mine are black?).

What do you think of these polishes?


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